“The Cotton Ceiling”

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OK … So this is going to be more of a rant than an article because I’m speaking about something I know very little about.

In the process of doing research for another article I came across the term “The Cotton Ceiling,” which at first I was a bit surprised I hadn’t head before since it was being talked about like this was some big push in the trans-activist community and I thought I was pretty well informed about that. So, catching a hint that something was going on I should probably educate myself about, I did an internet search on the term and what I found was pretty troubling so I thought I’d post my reactions to it here. I’m basically just going to outline a process I went through today exploring the “cotton ceiling” um … theory? I’ll give my first reaction and then also more educated reactions I had once I discovered the context of the term and it’s criticisms … so if you’ve heard the term you might find this interesting and if you haven’t, maybe it will be a good heads-up about some pretty vitriolic fights going down on the internet now and few months ago. There was a flurry of activity about 6-8 months ago but I doubt this issue is dead.