Episode 102: Hollywood Fail

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There’s a few undertones to this comic so maybe it bears some explanation just in case — the inspiration for this came from a conversation Z had with a friend about how it’s funny that there seem to be stereotypes people form about their own and related groups once you’re “in” the group that don’t line up AT ALL with Hollywood and other popular stereotypes which tend to be just completely unrealistic.

For example, every glbt person we know talks about being on “Gay Standard Time” — a joke about gays always being late.
Then there’s little things with being trans like “trans men slouch a lot, and many of them are super excited and bouncy” or “Trans women are way too self conscious and also they all dress like old ladies so as to cover up completely.” And of course as touched on in this comic “Trans people are an elitist clique that doesn’t want to associate with any other gender-non-conforming group (like transvestites or cross dressers).” A previous comic of ours touched on one of my favorites, “Multiples LOVE character customizers and avatar makers.” That one’s widely known amongst the HM crowd but I challenge you to find it anywhere in popular culture.

With all of these there is some kernel of truth and usually some good reason for it (ie: trans people getting sensitive about being called transvestites because it basically means that their gender isn’t being taken seriously. Having your core identity mistaken for a sexual fetish really isn’t a pleasant feeling…) And like other stereotypes, there’s also usually something negative people work to avoid (like being overly sensitive or vain, or overly exclusive or bigoted towards people from other non-conformist groups.)

These stereotypes aren’t necessarily TRUE, and there are certainly exceptions — that’s why they’re stereotypes. It’s just amusing to us that the stereotypes you see on TV and in various media seem completely oblivious to these and instead focus on a set of stereotypes that seems like they were made up by someone who’d never actually met any gay or trans people because they really have almost nothing to do with reality at all…

Well sorry to those of you that this was all completely obvious to, and I hope you enjoyed the comic anyway! I know for some of our readers this has been a first introduction to these sorts of topics so I thought I’d throw in a little 101 blurb ^_^