I’ve been lucky not to suffer anxiety too badly. But around this time, I was getting a bit, this low-level gnawing at my mind. Meditation and such made it go away… but the moment I stopped, it’d come back, and I couldn’t meditate 24/7. It was the post-nasal drip of mental maladies: not really dangerous, but really obnoxious, and often confluent with other, worse things.

↓ Transcript
44 Anxiety

A person stands hunched in the panel, hands wringing. "I am consumed with fear that I have done something terribly wrong."

The person starts sweating and looking more alarmed, hands partially covering their face. "I don't know what it is, why it's wrong, or how to fix it."

The person hides behind their arms. "And that only makes it worse. Because it could be EVERYTHING."