Wow, this comic has now inspired a freaking story universe.

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53: Vampires You Never See

Melvin, the IT guy. (A fat, annoyed vampire with glasses fumes as someone off-panel says, "Fix the copier! You do that, right?")

Charlotte, the D&D player. (A woman with pigtails and a baseball cap sits at her table with her dice. "I kill Brad," she says. When someone (presumably Brad) protests off-panel, "Hey!" she adds, "And I take his stuff," prompting another, "HEY!")

Larry, father of two. (A balding, harried-looking man with a goatee holds a baby in the crook of one arm and pins the phone to his ear, saying, "No, night shifts only. I can't--" while a sproingy-haired child tackles him crying, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!")

Pilar, paralympic athelete. (A woman on a racing wheelchair zooms by, thinking, "No crowds at 3 AM...")

Han, who acts/looks his age. (An old vampire with a cane and glasses shakes his fist and shouts, "GET OFF MY LAWN BEFORE I DEVOUR YOUR SOOOULS!" Off-panel, a child says plaintively, "We just want out ball...")

Rashid, who's asexual. (A vampire with a beard and a baseball hat pulls away from a shiny-eyed woman, saying, "No! No, I don't want to make you slave to my bite!" The woman looks up at him beseechingly and whimpers, "But--but--my kinks! You are them!")