Hi, everybody! This past week, I was busy doing a writing event. I learned the hard way that I can make NEW CoS strips, AND ink the old ones… but that’s about it. Doing the writing event meant I just couldn’t manage the rest.

So you know what that means! BUFFER WEEK! At least you get five pages this week? (Plus, I really needed to get this comic up anyway; comics via DA are PAINFUL.) Enjoy wee tiny LB, singletized for your reading convenience! (Seriously, if we keep track of exactly who this is over the course of a five-page comic, you’d get… at least four fronters, so let’s just make it easy for you for the sake of narrative consistency.)

This comic is pretty much an homage to those ideas you think are BRILLIANT as a kid and then, as you age, somehow become less awesome in your eyes. Because let’s face it, y’all, we all have those.

↓ Transcript
January, 2000...

Tiny LB, with long hair past shoulders, props her head in her hands. "Ugh, I'm soooo BORRRRRRRED!" She says.

Then she leaps up and grins. "I know!" she cries. "I'll write... [fancy text] The Greatest American Novel of ALL! TIME!"

She takes on a thoughtful pose as clouds sneak up behind her. "Hold on. If I want to smake something popular, I'll have to write a vampire romance or something."

She looks sad, obviously unthrilled by this prospect. One of the clouds rains upon her.

But suddenly the sun comes out. "Wait! I know!"

She goes to make obeisance to her little laptop, which radiates beams of glowing light. With big shiny eyes, she declares, "I'll get all of the fun out of the way now! I'll write something just for me, get it all out of my system. THEN I'll write popular stuff."

She flails at the keyboard, a giant grin on her face. "I'M A GENIUS!"