Eat This Sandwich!

A pocket zine for people with eating disorders and restriction urges, by LB Lee

Cover: a picture of an ordinary sandwich with a black speech bubble containing a cartoony skull.

About Zine

A restriction urge is a mental compulsion not to eat. Lots of people have them. They are nothing to be ashamed of, but they can be dangerous. Fill this zine out on a good day, then keep it in your wallet for a bad one.

This zine is not a replacement for a support system or treatment plan. It's just a quick-and-dirty resource, which we hope you never need. If you do, may it serve you well. --LB


Food shopping can be tough. Ask an understanding friend who knows your taste to come with you or shop for you.

Name some foods that are easier to make and eat:




Try to always have these stocked!

Fighting Thoughts

"I'm not hungry." Your hunger cues are not reliable right now.

"I didn't earn it." Food is for all living beings. It is for you too.

"I can't decide what to eat." Go back a page and pick an easy food from your list.

"I'm too tired." Lack of nutrients can cause fatigue. Eat something quick, THEN sleep.

"I'm eating bad foods!" Foods are not morals. Food is fuel, which you need.

Having trouble fighting your thoughts? List some people who can get you out of your head.





Distract: watch TV, read, or talk to a friend or pet while you eat. Or listen to music!

Party!: make your meal fancy with candles or a treat, just to spite your eating disorder.

Team up: if eating alone makes it worse, have meals with friends, clubs, churches, etc.

Heroes: imagine someone you look up to--real or fictional. What would they do, or want you to do?

List ideas of your own!





(Image: an empty plate, with only a few crumbs remaining of the death sandwich)

You are the only you there is. Please, take care of yourself!

LB, 6/22/2014

This zine draws heavily from Having Restriction Urges? don't want to eat? by Unknown, which has seemingly disappeared off the web.

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