Feeling Worthless?

Want to hurt yourself?

Don't do it. You deserve and need loving care, not pain.

Write yourself a helpful message: _______________

Emergency Call

Who can you talk to get out of your head? _________________

Negative Self-Talk

"I don't deserve kindness." Everyone deserves kindness.

"I burden everyone around me." The people who love you want to see you happy and safe. Trust them to enforce boundaries.

"Nothing I do is ever good enough." See next page ---->

List Some of You Greatest Acheivments

1. _______________

2. _______________

3. _______________

These are good things! They're worthy of pride! Good job!

DBT Skills...

Self Soothe: have a mug of tea, warm bath, etc.

Distract: play music, have a brisk workout, read a book, write your own: __________

Comparison: what are you grateful for? Check in with that.

DBT Skills...Continued!

Opposite Action: be extra kind to yourself, just to be contrary.

Mindfulness: draw your mind to the present moment, focus on the environment around you, not what's in your head.

Pros/Cons: is feeling like crap actually improving anything? Really? Make a list of the goods and bads of it.


You are the only you there is. Please, take care of yourself!

This zine was made 7/2/2012 at Arbor HRI's Triangle Program.

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