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Cute little chibi drawings of Bernie and Z smiling and standing together.Gemini Webcomic: A comic about a multiple system's life, produced by the Zyfron System. (ON INDEFINITE HIATUS PROBABLY FOREVER.)

A cute little brain with a bandage on it, surrounded by a circle and the words 'Loony Brain.'LB Lee's stuff: LB's educational writing, comics, and zines.

Index (Under Construction!)

D. I. D. you know?, by tigrin, on DeviantArt. A brief, concise comic on the diagnostic criteria for DID.

How to Write Multi. One of our singlet friends wanted advice on writing multiplicity in her fiction, so here's some pointers!

The Big Resource List. A big conglomeration of stories, academic articles, and books regarding multiplicity and related things such as trauma recovery, suicide prevention, gender, and poverty. Everything is guaranteed useful or entertaining (except for the academic articles). Last edited 7/11/2015.

Posts Regarding Use of the Words System and Multiple. Okay, there's some very specific misinformation going around multi circles on tumblr, which claim that these words were created by MPD/DID/OSDD folks FOR MPD/DID/OSDD folks. All of this is totally untrue. So, in case you run into this, here's some quick and dirty takedowns of each idea!

How to Shop for a Therapist, by siderea. Exactly what it says on the tin. Not meant for plurals specifically, this article goes in depth on how to find yourself a shrink.

Getting Disability/SSI, from the Multiples-of-DA community on DeviantArt. For those of us looking for advice dealing with the disability system.

the Handy-Dandy Loony-Brain Guide to Uncloseting. Exactly what it sounds like. Thinking of coming out multiple? Not sure how to start? Here you go!