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What does it mean to be healthy? The question is hard enough to answer for singlets; for multiples, it can be brain-breaking. For this site, health means pursuing the best life you can, on your own terms.

To pursue this purpose, we hope to use resources that are accessible, practical, and simple. All comics and images hosted here and on LB's page will have textual descriptions, for folks who can't see or load them; we hope to make this site dial-up and phone-friendly. This page will consist of resources focused on the practicalities of life, rather than theory. And we hope to keep this list of resources weeded to keep it from getting too long or overwhelming. We hope it's helpful! (And that some of the stuff at the end is fun too.)

Resources that require payment are noted with a dollar sign. Most recently added things are noted with NEW.

If a link is broken, drop LB a line at loonybrain at! (Zyfron is on hiatus.) This list was last checked/updated on 4/13/2018.

Table of Contents (for easy navigation)

Plurality 101: What is it?
Daily Life and Getting It Together
Navigating Healthcare and Disclosure
Abuse and Trauma
Suicide and Self-Harm
For Singlets
Multi Fiction and Books
Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

Plurality 101: What is it?

"The subjective experience of many conscious selves residing in one brain." --Em of Plures, in Plurality for Skeptics

Frequently Asked Questions, by Collective Solipsism. A nice quick explanation of some of the basics of plurality. Local copy here.

D. I. D. you know?, by tigrin, on DeviantArt. A brief, concise comic on the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for DID. Local copy with transcript here.

Experiences of Medianhood, by Watcher of the Hidden Ones. For people who are in between multiple and singlet, there's median.

A Newbie's Guide to Plural Comms [Communities] , by Jack of the the Exiles. (Originally hosted by Rhymers House, rehosted with permission.) First realizing you're plural? Some sage words of advice!

Divisions in Plurality, 3.0, by Kerry of Plures House. A quick overview of some of the different camps of plurals, as of 2015, and the labels and fights between them. Local copy of 3.0 here. (Note: the camps change periodically, and from the beginning, there have always been multiples who don't fit in any box. If you don't know what these words mean or where you fit, seriously, don't worry about it. We're including this to help give context, not be a beating stick.)

Daily Life and Getting It Together

Navigating the world as a multiple. What to do?

Beginner's Guide to Fronting, by fuzzyjayling. Having trouble letting someone else take over? A guide on how. (Note: some of these techniques involve purposely dissociating. If this is something you struggle with, this may not be the guide for you.) Local copy here.

On Building Headspace, by LB Lee. What are inner worlds good for? Do you want to build one? Here's a start.

Small Worlds, Contained Inside: Visualization Guide, by Hidden Storys of the Metallic System. A more in-depth primer to making an inner world, and presumes that said world will not be hostile. Local copy here.

Body Focus, Communication, and Memory, by the DreamWriters. A guide to handy, easy tactics to ground yourself and help keep up system communication, internal and out, even if dissociation is high. Local copy here. (Also check out their Brief List of Coping Tools!

Mapping Your System, by Sarah K. Reece. How to get an idea who all is in there. Also read the comments for an alternative if mapping is a BAD idea for you! Local copy here.

got parts?: Time Management, by ATW. (Scroll to page 8 for relevant info.) A selection from got parts? on managing time, even if memory-sharing is low. This entire book has lots of really useful stuff on getting to know your system, including mapping, creating a timeline, and building a headspace. Buy it here!

In-System Relationships: Fact and Fiction, by Kerry of Plures House. Many systems have members who have romantic relationships with each other. Kerry covers a few of the myths and truths. Local copy here.

(NEW!) System Governments and Other Order-Keepers, by LB Lee (with quotes and selections from got parts? by ATW). An overview of various ways to keep order in the system, including headspace design, daily meetings, contracts, system government, and rules.

Navigating Healthcare and Disclosure

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

the Handy-Dandy Loony-Brain Guide to Uncloseting, by LB Lee. Exactly what it sounds like. Thinking of coming out as multiple? Not sure how to start? Here!

(NEW!) Finding a Therapist that Understands Dissociative Disorders, by Polyfrazzlemented. Exactly what it says on the tin. Local copy here in case of link breakage.

($) Amongst Ourselves, by Tracy Alderman and Karen Marshall. This book has a whole chapter on coming out, including specifics like significant others, children, co-workers, and knowing your rights under the American with Disabilities Act. Marshall has DID; please support the work of other plurals and buy the book if interested! It's way more in-depth than my little blog post. (Unfortuantely, it only seems to be available in paper format.)

($) Quiet in the Tornado: A Disability Primer, by Carrie Dearborn. Exactly what it says on the tin. Not meant for plurals specifically, but Part 3 has a good simple section on getting your financials in order when everything goes to pot--including getting a start on disability, independent living, and such. (Note: US-centric, only costs a dollar, so the note is technical.)

Getting Disability/SSI, from the Multiples-of-DA community on DeviantArt. For those of us looking for advice dealing with the disability system. (Note: US-centric.) Local copy here. (We were unable to get permission to do this, on account of the group being dead and the mods having left.)

Know Your Rights: A Handbook for Patients with Chronic Illness, by Jennifer C. Jaff, Esq. A very thorough book on everything from special education to insurance to housing. Because Ms. Jaff is sadly deceased, and the organization she created no longer exists, this handbook is out of print, going for $300 on Amazon; I would think Ms. Jaff would prefer her work still get to the people who need it, but if one of her estate would like us to remove this, I will. (Note: US-centric, predates the Affordable Care Act.)

Transitioning While Plural, by Yavari of Plures House. Are you a trans system, or wondering about it? Yavari covers some 101 for plurals considering transitioning! Local copy here.

Abuse and Trauma

"I got good at feeling bad and that's why I'm still here." --Kimya Dawson, "the Competition."

The SAVE YOURSELF Files: a big zip file dump I've put together of resources for surviving and escaping terrible situations that helped me. Contains fourteen ebooks covering everything from abuse, homelessness, diagnosing your level of function and okayness, and recovering from the aftermath. You can see the full list and description of the resources here.

($) The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook, by Glenn Schiraldi. Takes a scattergun approach to trauma, covering everything from dealing with emotions and memories to forms of therapy. Definitely a "take what works, ignore the rest" book, but good on the nuts and bolts.

($) The Courage to Heal, by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis. This book has gotten a lot of flack, but it's still the most thorough book on handling the fall-out of sexual violence of any book I've read. Also, it's pretty much the only book I've found that deals with the topic of when memories surface. Intended for cis women, available in audio format and multiple languages.

($) Healing Sex, by Staci Haines. If The Courage to Heal is a general book on sexual violence, Healing Sex is specific: pursuing sexual pleasure and dealing with triggers and emotions. Intended for cis women, covers queerness and kink. This book's use, however, can be limited if there are memory blocks still in the way. Still, it's worth a shot!

($) Victims No More: The Classic Guide to Men Recovering from Sexual Child Abuse, by Mike Lev. What is says on the tin. More theory-based, not the nuts-and-bolts approach of Healing Sex or the Courage to Heal, but it's the best book I've found for men in this situation.

Plurals, Beware... by the Exiles. Some red flags to be aware of with your fellow plurals. Originally hosted on tumblr, rehosted with permission.

($) Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men, by Lundy Bancroft. This book is invaluable for understanding the psychology behind male abusers. BIG CAVEAT: Bancroft does not seem to believe in female-on-male abuse; this book is very much for more classical, heterosexual, male-on-female abuse. Buy this book if you can, but under the circumstances...

Death, Suicide, and Self-Harm

The worst has happened. Now what?

The 'Hurt Yourself Less' Workbook, by Eleanor Dace, Alison Faulkner, Miranda Frost, Karin Parker, Louise Pembroke, and Andy Smith. National Self-Harm Network. Workbook for managing self-harm, not necessarily quit.

($) Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws., by Kate Bornstein. Exactly what it sounds like. It helped keep us alive, so it does indeed work! Highly recommend buying the big version, but Ms. Bornstein also put a tiny mini-version up for free!

After Your Suicide Attempt: Deciding to Live, by Samantha Heames. "So, you tried to kill yourself and you botched it." For suicide attempt survivors, in those hellish days immediately afterward. (NOTE: fixed the dead link again 8/17/2017. Since the NM Suicide Prevention site seems to be down, I'm uploading a local copy until told to take it down.)

Death and Multiplicity, by LB Lee. Sometimes, system members die, and sometimes, it's good to commemorate that.

For Singlets

You guys totally exist, right?

Rules of Engagement: Plural Etiquette, by Em, Hess, and Kerry of Plures House. Some quick lessons in basic plural manners. Local copy here.

How to Write Multi, by LB Lee. One of our singlet friends wanted advice on writing multiplicity in her fiction, so here's some pointers! (Note: if you want more thorough advice, or a sensitivity reader, you have to pay us for that.)

Multi Fiction and Books

Plurals fighting evil IN SPACE!

Polychrome Heroics, by Elizabeth Barrette. Serial story-poetry about a multi superhero, Damask, who becomes multi (and develops superpowers) due to telepathic supervillain attack. Ongoing.

Battle The Universe, by LB Lee. Our own serial focusing on multi superhero, Tank! Tank is a trauma-based system, but they generally have their act together and get along. Ongoing.

My Mom Is Different, by Deborah Sessions and Susan Chalkley. A book for children about having a multiple parent, written by a multiple with children. Sweet and simple.

Cache, by Nikolai Kingsley. A short sci-fi story about a multiple and two singlets going treasure hunting in space. The multiplicity is specifically engineered by the reigning society because it's handy to have.

Today Comic, by MysticEden. A webcomic about "our daily adventures as a DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) system."

Multiple Personality and Dissociation Booklist. The most comprehensive list I've found of books on multiplicity. Be warned though, it gives titles and authors and such, but very little about the books' content otherwise. Heavily DID-centric.

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

Because why not?

Plural and Plural-Positive Businesses: Support your fellow plurals (and allies)! Buy their cool stuff if you like!

Plural Pride Symbol: Created by ouregaiya in October 2011 for all kinds of plurals to enjoy, whatever camp you're in.

The Multiple Code, by the Consortium. A fun little code thing to summarize your system in a dense little line of gibberish, should you so choose! It is quite old, from 2001, but folks still ask for it every once in a while.