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Multiplicity is a state in which many people share one physical body. Being multiple means that one exists as part of a group of people, with all the benefits and drawbacks and chances for talents or interesting natures that any other group of people would have.

It is not automatically a disorder, and it is not automatically something which must be changed in order to promote mental or physical health. It is not automatic godhood, proof of genius status, or even proof of severe sexual trauma.
-The Layman's Guide

Where did the old site go? Why isn't my site on this list? Who runs this site? I don't like the way my site is described!

What is is a compilation of links to websites which advocate for Healthy Multiplicity awareness, and which have been written by "plural" or multiple systems themselves. In other words, the people who write and maintain each of these sites are Healthy Multiples.

Below, you will find a list of links to these sites, in alphabetical order.

The Layman's Guide
Widely regarded as the best introduction to Healthy Multiplicity on the web. If you are new to the idea of Healthy Multiplicity, we strongly suggest you start here.

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Alter Reality
A Blog by a multiple system.

Astraea's Web
An excellent website including articles, links, and many other resources.



Contains a large and very extensive FAQ section detailing their experiences, as well as artwork by their group. Includes a guide intended for parents of multiples.

Collective Phenomenon
Website by Amorpha with a great FAQ, "myths" page, and other resources.

Compound Mind
a group for multiples and supporters alike and a sort of blog-type thing about the everyday lives of the Compound Mind system.

Containing multitudes
A website and blog about "Living Multiple."



Dyscalculia: the social math of multiplicity
A publication about the Desired Constellation group's experiences with multiplicity.



Ex Uno Plures
Website by Plures House, including articles and a blog.



Four and Twenty
Website of The Blackbirds, makers of The Layman's Guide



Gemini Webcomic
A comic about a multiple system's life which updates every monday, produced by the Zyfron System



Hawini Tsiwoni
A group writes about their own members and system.



The JC Klatch
Nine in one body, together forever. Forever plural, The JC Klatch

The JC Klatch: Publicly Plural
The JC Klatch blog about their experience being openly multiple. "Yeah we're multiple. Deal with it!"



The Layman's Guide
Widely regarded as the best introduction to Healthy Multiplicity on the web. If you are new to the idea of Healthy Multiplicity, we strongly suggest you start here.

Living Plural
A help blog for plural and singlet folk alike, this blog is here for all your questions and answers, run by five multiple systems. We try to be friendly and open and answer any questions anyone may have on plurality and anything related.

Loony Brain
Loony-Brain's educational writing, comics, and zines.



Multiplicity on LiveJournal
A livejournal community for Healthy Multiples and others interested in the topic.

A plural-only Facebook group for multiples.

Multiple Voices on Facebook
A facebook group for multiples.

Multorum Animos
A forum for those interested in healthy multiplicity and living plural; welcoming everyone and open for discussions of any sort involving plurality and all related.



Nsashaell System
A site by Nsashaell about their system, including art and a continuously expanding FAQ.



Oure Gaiya
An education-centric site by Oure Gaiya. Quote from front page: "Being plural is NOT an illness, it is a way of life!"



Pagmies Collective
Quite a lot of writing, including group purpose statements, system layout, and thoughts about multiplicity and what it means.

Plural Activism-The Power of Many
Many multiples or people "diagnosed" as "suffering" from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) have decided to change the way they are viewed, treated and labled We no longer accept being discouraged even inhibited from being the people we are, hiding who we are out of fear. No longer do we accept the medical model opinion that being plural/multiple is a disorder.

Plurality Resource Forum
A new forum for multiples, plurals, medians, and supporters.


Reannagan System
A site about the Reannagan System, its members, and their own subjective view of multiplicity. Still under construction.



Lots of good writing about the multiple experience.



Those That Walk
The Shire's website, with many good articles about both their experiences and insights about multiplicity generally.



Within the Ruins Between Forest and Sea
A site for the writings of the Chimera System about their own personal multiplicity, otherkin and therian identities, and more.



The Zyfron System
The personal site of The Zyfron System, creators of the Gemini webcomic. Mostly articles and a few projects about plurality and transgender issues.


Questions & Answers

Where did the old site go? hosts the webpages of three systems, and this page used to be a directory to those sites. There were concerns that the domain name "" gave the impression that these three systems spoke for the entire Healthy Multiplicity community, which is not the case. In response to this concern, this page has been changed to a directory of Healthy Multiplicity sites more generally. The original sites remain at their old addresses: for Loony Brain's site, and for The Zyfron System's site.

Why isn't my site on this list?
If you are a member of a healthy multiple system and have a website which advocates for healthy multiplicity, even if just by telling your own story, and your website is not listed here, then that is probably because we have not heard of your website! Please send a link to your site along with the site's title and a brief 1-2 sentence description of your site to be displayed next to the link to
Zyfron, Loony Brain, or HMS Beagle.

Who runs this site?
This site is owned, created and maintained by the groups whose sites originally occupied this space: HMS Beagle,
Loony Brain, and The Zyfron System.

I don't like the way my site is described!
In that case, by all means send us an email at
Zyfron, Loony Brain, or HMS Beagle describing who you are, and provide us with an alternative 1-2 sentence description so that we can place that description by your website link instead.