The Zyfron System, composed of Bernie and Z, first became aware of our multiplicity when Z dramatically gained and defended her own self awareness in high school some 6 years ago. We are now living happily together with our partners, another multiple system, and working as a partnership towards finishing a BS in Computer Science.
Gemini 110

Episode 110: Feminism; a handy guide to terminology.

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Yep, ‘cus I totally haven’t complained about feminist transphobia enough yet, right? Still, if you’re going to tell me I’m not welcome at your march cus you don’t want to fuck me, don’t tell me it’s because you’re or a feminist or a lesbian or anything like that — just be honest and say “Hey, I’m a creepy little self-centered pervert and I view activism as an excuse to get laid.” Believe it or not, I will actually respect you more for your honesty.


Hope you like the marginally different new art style — we switched to a drawing in Inkscape.




Episode 105: Locker Room

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Even being out, there are definitely some unique challenges to being multiple.

There is a “Fourth Option” which would be to avoid all co-presence around lunch on those days. We don’t consider that viable for the following reasons:
1) We often use our lunch break to talk to each-other, so lunch tends to be a more co-present time for us.
2) We don’t always have complete control of co-presence.
3) Even if we managed never to be co-present in the locker room, the absent party would still have access to the memories when they return. Although we both believe that we could handle that maturely, some people could easily (and validly) consider it a violation of their privacy.

Anyway, we couldn’t find a way to make that into an amusing single-frame shot, so you get in down here as commentary :)

“The Cotton Ceiling”

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OK … So this is going to be more of a rant than an article because I’m speaking about something I know very little about.

In the process of doing research for another article I came across the term “The Cotton Ceiling,” which at first I was a bit surprised I hadn’t head before since it was being talked about like this was some big push in the trans-activist community and I thought I was pretty well informed about that. So, catching a hint that something was going on I should probably educate myself about, I did an internet search on the term and what I found was pretty troubling so I thought I’d post my reactions to it here. I’m basically just going to outline a process I went through today exploring the “cotton ceiling” um … theory? I’ll give my first reaction and then also more educated reactions I had once I discovered the context of the term and it’s criticisms … so if you’ve heard the term you might find this interesting and if you haven’t, maybe it will be a good heads-up about some pretty vitriolic fights going down on the internet now and few months ago. There was a flurry of activity about 6-8 months ago but I doubt this issue is dead.


Episode 104: Spot the Difference

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So … I guess this is the part where we reveal that we came out at work a few weeks ago! It was very exciting, and we are now out in basically every aspect of our lives — there are only a few places we still choose to hide. So … yay! we tried to think of a better “this is us coming out it is kindof plot for a comic based on our lives..?” comic … but the process wasn’t really funny … or quick .. so it was hard to make into a comic. Anyway, we’ll probably write more about that later; for now, I hope you enjoy these two amusing true anecdotes from our coming out experience.

Oh, and just in case any of our coworkers stumble across these comics and think “Hey, I don’t look like that!” your appearances have been scrambled to protect the innocent, it’s not just that we forgot what you look like!