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“The Cotton Ceiling”

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OK … So this is going to be more of a rant than an article because I’m speaking about something I know very little about.

In the process of doing research for another article I came across the term “The Cotton Ceiling,” which at first I was a bit surprised I hadn’t head before since it was being talked about like this was some big push in the trans-activist community and I thought I was pretty well informed about that. So, catching a hint that something was going on I should probably educate myself about, I did an internet search on the term and what I found was pretty troubling so I thought I’d post my reactions to it here. I’m basically just going to outline a process I went through today exploring the “cotton ceiling” um … theory? I’ll give my first reaction and then also more educated reactions I had once I discovered the context of the term and it’s criticisms … so if you’ve heard the term you might find this interesting and if you haven’t, maybe it will be a good heads-up about some pretty vitriolic fights going down on the internet now and few months ago. There was a flurry of activity about 6-8 months ago but I doubt this issue is dead.

Under Construction!

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The site is in the process of coming back up! we are planning to re-start our weekly updates but for now we are working on getting the archives back up — first the images, then the transcripts. More news to follow.

On a related note, we seem to have lost about the last year’s worth of Gemini comics — if any of our old readers has a saved copy, please get in contact with us! Thanks!



UPDATE: The comics we were able to find are all up again. However, we can’t find the transcripts. If we can find them in the next week or so we can get the transcripts up relatively quickly. Otherwise we will have to redo them by hand and we’ll get to it as we have time … very sorry to those of you who rely on the written form of the comic!



Site Down for Reorganization

This site is down for reorganization until further notice!

Old comics and posts will not be accessible during this time. We do not know how long it will take. Sorry everyone!


Update: site coming up again and currently under construction!

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The Zyfron System, composed of Bernie and Z, first became aware of our multiplicity when Z dramatically gained and defended her own self awareness in high school in 2004.

Since then, we have worked together as a partnership, eventually finished a BS in Computer Science and are now working together as Software Engineers.

This is a comic about our lives together. Multiples around the world are often feared, hated, and shunned. It is our hope that this comic might help to change that, and bring about greater acceptance of multiplicity around the world.  Since Z is transgendered, and often goes through hardships as the result of this as well, you’ll likely see commentary about gender and identity in this comic as well.

Though this is a serious subject matter, we hope that we can maintain a light and entertaining mood throughout the comic.

Needless to say, the comic and the comments will potentially cover serious issues relating to multiplicity, tanssexuality, discrimination, shaming, bodily dysphoria, and potentially other serious or triggering issues as well. This is your last warning so please proceed at your own risk.

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Anyway, we hope you enjoy our comics!

-The Zyfron System