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Hi! We're Loony-Brain, or LB. This is our multiplicity and comics website; click the buttons to the left to navigate. Our other web hangouts include DeviantArt (art), LiveJournal (fiction and prose), and tumblr (et cetera). Enjoy!

NEW: (7/30/14): The Gender Evolution script is now up! I have uploaded a new zine: Eat This Sandwich: A pocket zine for people with eating disorders and restriction urges<. Not only that, but at long last, I'm uploading the final Cracks of Sunshine comics strips! They will be posted once a day for about a week and a half. Check it out!

The print volumes will STILL have some strips that are not in the digital version. Also, the strips have been cleaned up and made nicer for the print volumes. If you enjoyed Cracks of Sunshine during its run, please buy a print copy of one or both volumes!

In other news, we'll be throwing our next writeathon on our blog on August 1st, 2014! Make Rogan write what you want to read; come join us!