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An Interactive Introduction: Please enjoy this cute little interactive introduction that Sneak made in Twine. It talks a bit about us as individuals and our headspace.

Rude Things to Ask Loony-Brain: Have you ever feared asking a rude question to a multiple? Well, fear no more! We have listed all the rude questions we have been asked and a couple other systems get asked regularly, and put all our answers here so you both get your answer and understand why you should never ask someone that again.

Okay Things to Ask Loony-Brain: Now that you've gotten all your rude questions out of the way, here's a very thorough primer on all the more common questions we've gotten that aren't rude. Some of them are us-specific; some are more general. (Note: this is MUCH longer than Rude Questions.)

Everything You Wanted to Know About DID/multi, but Were Afraid to Ask: A thread on a completely unrelated web community where we took questions from folks about our experience. The thread is open unto perpetuity, and you don't need an account to ask, so if you have a question for us, there's where to put it!

The Resource List: More resources that didn't make it onto the big healthymultiplicity index because they weren't directly relevant. Trans stuff, poor stuff, and academic articles.

Our Events Schedule: We don't just work online! We also show up at cons, craft fairs, talks, and panels like these.

About Distribution Of Our Works

The comics and zines are copyrighted by their original creators. Feel free to link our site to your friends, but please don't put the works up elsewhere without crediting us, and if you could notify us first, we'd appreciate it.