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Over the years, we've put up a number of comics, zines, and writing up online for everyone to enjoy. We hope you like them! Click the titles to read, or go to the shop page to buy one, if you're so inclined!

Mental Health Comics
Nonfiction Prose, Lectures, and Lists

Mental Health Comics

MPD For You and Me MPD For You And Me: Made in 2007, a quick 101 on the old diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder, the change to Dissociative Identity Disorder, and what it's like, in everyday language. Script version here.
Questions Questions: Made in 2010, a brief FAQ covering some of the most common (and rude) questions we've been asked. Some things have changed, such as our feelings about our family and diagnosis, but it's still more or less accurate for us. Text-only transcript here.
Cracks of Sunshine Dissociation: Made in 2012, a severe dissociative episode in comics form. It was this crash that led to us becoming homeless, hospitalized, and forced to acknowledge that perhaps we weren't as healthy as we liked to pretend. Transcripts included.
Feeling Worthless? Feeling Worthless?: While partially hospitalized in 2012, we decided to make some tiny self-help one-pagers to keep us on track. This one deals with... well, feeling worthless. It has become our top seller! You can get text only versions of it here.
The Bad Day Book The Bad Day Book: Also made during our time in day programs, this one-page zine was specifically intended for if we had a severe dissociative episode while away from home again, so we wouldn't do anything ill-advised. We've kept it in our wallet ever since. Text-only version here.
Cracks of Sunshine Cracks of Sunshine: Updated from 2012-2014, during our homeless period in Boston. To survive the difficult time, Rogan made a resolution: to break himself of his perfectionism by making a comic strip three to seven times a week, every week. Transcripts included.
Eat This Sandwich! Eat This Sandwich!: Another self-help one-pager, made in 2014 to help Rogan deal with restriction urges and eating disorders. Having trouble getting that sandwich into your face? Give it a try! Script version here.
All In The Family, part 1 All In The Family: The Research Part: Once we'd accepted our disability and regained stable housing in 2014, we started dealing with memories bubbling up of familial abuse. But what is recovered memory, exactly? How credible is any of it, and where does the backlash come from? Rogan breaks it down. Transcripts included.

Non-Fiction Prose, Lectures, and Lists

A Crash Course on Multi History, via Books on MPD/DID: A recommended list of DID books (or DID-ish books) to give a quick history lesson. Most of these books are not fun to read, but it'll help protect you from blatant lies and misinformation later on down the line.

A Brief History of the Use of 'System' in Non-DID Space: Normally I try to avoid site-specific turf wars and jargon, but there's some very specific misinformation going around tumblr, which claims that 'system' was created by MPD/DID/OSDD folks for MPD/DID/OSDD folks, and nobody else is allowed to use it. All of this is totally untrue. So we did our best to debunk it.

Cultiples #1: Tristan Grey: For two and a half years, Sneak was penpals with Tristan, who claimed to be multiple. Then ze found out that he was in jail for kidnapping and sexually assaulting his teenaged followers after persuading them that they were truly their roleplaying characters. Cultiples #1 covers his tactics and history, cobbled together from newspaper articles and his letters to us.

Multi-Specific Abuse: Multiplicity can lead to extra complications when it comes to abuse, from both perpetrator and victim sides.

Dissociation as a Tool of Abuse: Some predators take advantage of someone's dissociation to manipulate them. Some things to keep an eye on if you notice your functioning or memory going downhill when you're around someone.

GET OUT: My Personal Red Flags: Got some requests for this, so here's my list of personal red flags that trigger a GET OUT response in me.

Accessible Comics: A collated list of comics using transcriptions, Braile, audio, or tactile stories.

Plural and Plural-Positive Businesses: Support your fellow plurals (and allies)! Buy their cool stuff if you like!

Here, Queer, Comics! and Trans Genders, Trans Comics: Slides, notes, and reading lists from my lectures on queer comics history. Slides do not have images transcribed; sorry.


The Greatest American Novel of ALL TIME!: A love letter to childhood story projects, in short comic form. Transcript included.

The Big Ol' Writing Post: All our fiction, organized by series and supported by our Patreon. Everything from multi superheroes and magical teenagers, to disabled cyborgs!