The Loony-Brain Rules and System Government (the short version)

A lot of folks don't want to hash out their rules. It feels restrictive, pointless, or unnecessary. We felt the same way and didn't do it until 2017, which is downright embarrassing. However, we discovered that by writing them out, discussing them in person instead of just going on what'd always been done before, we were able to catch things that we'd just tacitly accepted over the years, even if they weren't good for us.

Some folks seem to have found this stuff useful to help start conversations with their own systems, so here's an abridged version of our system government and rules. Find what works for you, and talk about it! Don't just let it go unspoken!

Our Government

No major decisions regarding group life can be made without unanimous group agreement. What constitutes 'major' includes permanently changing the body, what state it lives, what we do for a living, big monetary expense (over $20), bringing in new headmates, basically anything with long-reaching consequences. Haircuts, small purchases, and that sort of thing doesn't count. A major decision MUST be brought up to the whole group in a formal meeting. A headmate can abstain from the decision, but if they do, they don't get to complain about how it goes down later.

(Note: If a single headmate is absolutely dead-set on going against the grain, then yes, our government is gridlocked. We chose this on purpose to force cooperation and creativity, and our group is small and close-knit enough for us to be able to get away with it. If somebody DOES pull the emergency brake, we trust it is for a very valid reason.


For daily tasks, things that fall in the gray area of major/minor decisions, and stuff requiring quick choice, jurisdiction can be leveraged so one system member's word goes. Every system member who's lived here a while gets a jurisdiction. Jurisdictions can be changed or dropped at any time with notice. Here are a few:

Sneak: System pinch-hitter; ze fills in whenever someone else isn't available. Ze doesn't have a whole lot of staying power, but has enough of all our skills to make most of everything happen.

Mac: Cooking, social services paperwork.

Biff: House tasks--shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc. Except dishes; he hates those. Mori assists.

Rogan: Finances and most work events. Any purchase of over $20 has to go through him.

The Rules--Internal

The Rules--External

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